The Lucky Horseshoe

I happen to love the lucky horseshoe, it’s prevalence in Irish culture is still quite strong – particularly as a wedding gift. I have popped a brief meaning of the horseshoe below:

When a horseshoe is hung in the home it is said that you must hang it with the two ends facing upwards as it is believed all the good luck and energy will be stored inside.

While some believe when it is hung with the ends pointed downwards all the good fortune will spill out, others believe it will release the good luck on those who walk beneath.

A worn horseshoe is thought to be luckier, as it may possess a powerful energy imprint from the horses that wore them. Brides of old would sew a horseshoe in to their dress (How heavy was that?!)

Horseshoes were also considered lucky because they were made by Blacksmiths who were held in high esteem because of their trade. Blacksmiths worked with the element fire and iron (earth) which people believed to possess special powers.

I got the above horseshoe as a present from my friends at Liffey Forge in Dublin, Ireland. Their details can be found here


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