My first experience of a ‘wedding’ was when I was just three years old. My older sister, Aoife, officiated a ceremony between my neighbour and I. I believe she wore a very large hat and forced us to repeat wishy washy vows. Lines from the Princess Bride were most certainly repeated. You could say this early experience shaped me..


Fast forward a few years – when I wasn’t buried in a book, I was writing fantastical stories about the things I saw in my everyday life. One such story involved my youngest aunty, in which I wrote about her getting married. I mapped out the ceremony in detail – I was nine years old.

Picture below:

My Aunties Wedding by Áine Mckenna



I spent my early to mid-20’s working as a holistic massage therapist. Professing my hands as my tools; they brought me to far flung places in the world, such as Greece and the Western Caribbean, where I worked on a cruise ship. I have since lived in Canada and had a brief stint in the Cayman Islands. I became fascinated with how other cultures celebrate their milestones.


But Ireland was a calling..


I found love in Dublin and gave up my wandering ways (for a bit). I began to look for something different. In 2012 I enrolled in a Creative Writing and Cultural Studies course. I found my stride with writing again and even won a minor award for a short story I wrote during this time, including having a radio play I wrote played on air.




When my partner proposed to me, some years later, we soon entered the battle field of planning a wedding. However, I found there was huge gap in the quality and types of services Irish wedding officiants offered. Huge research ensued, and I became enthralled with the idea of a Celebrant – an individual who can facilitate any life milestone celebration, anywhere. This was what I was looking for.


In 2017 I received my certificate in Family Celebrancy. Not only could I now perform weddings, but also craft bespoke ceremonies for coming of age, baby naming, adult naming, vow renewals, elopements and generally any occasion where love and life is the prime focus of celebration.


After four years of celebrating many happy couples and families, I have become masterful at listening for what my clients want, need and envision for a personal and meaningful ceremony that most reflects them. My passion for writing and delivering has only grown.


When I am not spinning love gold dust into an entertaining tale and meeting with prospective future Mr’s and Mrs’, I am busy being a mother to my twin toddlers Cian & Finn (seen below helping me learn my script!) and the newest edition to the crew, their little brother Oisín. I now Know the true meaning of celebrating love.



As an individual, couple or family, I am committed to supporting and serving you. Get in touch with me today:



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