The Oathing Stone or Wishing Stone ritual is an ancient Scottish / Celtic tradition in which the couple place their hands on a carved stone with each person’s name on it or a stone of their choosing.  Throughout the wedding / commitment ceremony the stones are swapped between both parties while vows are exchanged. This ritual is thought to be symbolic of a couple’s promises to each other in physical form.

Another variation of this ceremony is where the guests are involved in the process. The stones are given to the guests on their way in to the ceremony area and they are invited to ‘warm’ them in their hands throughout the ceremony. The stones can be left in a basket or any receptacle at the entrance to the ceremony or placed on each individual chair. Guests silently make their wishes for the couple, charging the stones with their blessings or positive energy. The stones are then gathered up at the end of the ceremony and given to the couple as a keepsake of the wedding day.


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