I am currently writing a wonderful commitment ceremony for a couple and was prompted to write a post. There isn’t a whole pile of knowledge on this type of ceremony so I will attempt to explain the meaning and methods of crafting such a union of the heart.

A commitment ceremony is different from a marriage ceremony in that there are no legalities involved. Another difference is that some couples do not wish to have references to ‘marriage’ or ‘wedding’ in the ceremony. This is a conscientious choice made by the couple. The primary focus is ‘Love’ and ‘Union’.

A commitment ceremony can serve as a promise between two people to stay together through life’s adventures and declare their love for one another.

This can be a very intimate occasion with a small amount of guests (5 people in total for example in the ceremony I am writing) or this can be performed in front of a large crowd at a venue with a processional similar to the traditional wedding. A vow exchange is generally included and sometimes an eternity ring or trinket exchange can take place (can be jewellery or items of importance).

Like any of the ceremonies I personally craft, the wording is completely unique and reflects the couple’s ideals. Ceremony enhancements can be included, such as Handfasting .Some other examples can be found here


As always it is about celebrating love.


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