About Áine

Áine Mckenna is the Celebrant with a large heart, her warm presence and understanding of her client’s needs make her ceremonies extra special. Her vibrancy and fun flair contribute to a wonderfully memorable occasion.

The move to Celebrancy was a natural progression for Áine. Growing up in Ireland, family milestones have been hugely significant in her life and she has always loved the community element of such affairs. Áine also has previous experience working for the the popular Confetti Magazine and gained invaluable insights into wedding industry needs. Her interest has only peaked and she continues to keep up to date with bridal trends.

In 2017 Áine’s partner proposed to her and she soon entered the battle field of planning a wedding. Áine found there was huge gap in the quality and types of services Irish Wedding Officiants offered. Huge research ensued, and with the help of the Irish Institute of Celebrants Áine became enthralled with the idea of a Celebrant – an individual who can facilitate any life milestone celebration, anywhere. 

Email: info@celebratelove.ie

In 2017 Áine received her Certificate in Family Celebrancy with the Irish Institute of Celebrants. Not only can Áine perform weddings, but also craft bespoke ceremonies for coming of age, baby naming, adult naming and generally any occasion where love and life is the prime focus of celebration.

Áine is masterful at listening for what you want, need and envision for a personal and meaningful ceremony that most reflects you. 

As an individual, couple or family, Áine is committed to supporting and serving you. Get in touch with Áine today:



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